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This show features Prophets, Apostles and Ministers with the gift of Prophecy. Prophets teach and speak the word of GOD concerning you and those in your life. Don't miss it!



Signs of the Times


Days of Noah


A talk show that presents interesting events, places and people highlighting the Signs of the Times.



Amazing Testimonies

Amazing Testimonies - Tuesdays - 9:00 pm
Greenville, NC



This TV program shows every week. This show presents Amazing Testimonies from people who have received and witness Miracles in their lives.





Love Alive TV

Love Alive TV - Tuesdays - 10:30 pm
Greenville, NC


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This TV program shows every Tuesday at 10:30 pm. Prophetess DeBorah Allen teaches on the Power of Prayer and the mysteries of GOD concerning your Life! Don't miss it.


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