Apostle/Prophetess Dr. DeBorah Allen - Executive Producer

Prophetess Dr. DeBorah Allen is a vibrant gift to the body of Christ. Through prayer, GOD healed Prophetess DeBorah Allen of cancer.  She is a spiritual leader and mentor to many in the gospel. She has an anointed prophetic ministry that propels and prepares God's people to excel in their gifts and callings. She is the founder of Power Prayers International Network, Agape Unlimited Ministries and Family Life Skills Center. She believes in Prayer with all her heart. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Thomas J. Small and Evangelist Ruth A. Small of Portsmouth, Virginia. Prophetess DeBorah Small Allen father trained her in the ways of the Lord during his pastorate for over forty years, in the Church of God In Christ (COGIC). Most of her Christian experience was acquired during her youth, as she worked with her father and mother in the Phillippi Church Of God In Christ, Virginia Second Jurisdiction.  Music Ministry: Dr. DeBorah Allen has managed gospel groups and bands in the past and produced several CDs. Her artists have traveled to churches, auditoriums and appeared on national television. Some of Dr. Allen’s artists have performed with the Mississippi Mass Choir, Yolanda Adams, Hezekiah Walker, Twinkie Clark and other gospel greats.


Apostle/Prophet Calvin Brown - Prophet & Educator

Apostle/Prophet Calvin Brown is founder of Dawn of a New Day Prophetic Global Ministry. This Christian ministry is focused on prophetic teaching and demonstrating the mysteries of our Lord. Apostle Brown and his wife work as a prophetic team releasing the anointing and impartation with manifestations that unlock breakthroughs. He helps leaders embrace the government and the order of the prophetic anointing through the School of the Prophets. He is a Neophyte in POME.

Apostle Polly Elliott - Chief Mother Apostle

She is anointed and appointed by God, to walk in his divine office of The Prophet. She is a living epistle, and flows in the Five-Fold mantle of the Apostolic and Prophetic Order that causes her to bring correction to the body of Christ. The Church respects her as the “Chief Mother Apostle Elliott” who serves, nurtures and covers several ministries throughout the United States.

Ambassador Chief Apostle Sharon Edmond

Apostle Tenia Price

Minister Samuel Tolbert - Music Composer

Samuel is an exceptional all round experienced gospel organist and pianist. Sam has ministered his gift of music for a variety of churches and organizations in and around the New York, New Jersey area for the past 31 years. Samuel has self produced several Instrumental CD solo productions over the past 10 years which have been released locally in the greater NYC metropolitan area. Samuel not only composed some of the selections but, also has added his re-arranged versions of many the gospel favorites. He currently composes musical selections for the Gallman Dance Theatre, Rejoti Theatre Productions and serves as the Music Director for the Galilee United Methodist Church of Englewood NJ.

Prophetess Yasmin Best - Prophetess & Entrepreneur

Prophetess Yasmin has demonstrated her interest and unfailing commitment to P. O. M. E. by enduring two Intensive training classes under the strict regime of the Master Prophet. Alongside being a member of the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah, Prophetess Best is also the successful founder of Entrepreneurs on the Rise. She has proven to be a individual who enjoys empowering others. Another outlet the Prophetess uses to demonstrate her creative genius is through her long-time interest and role as an exclusive fashion consultant.

Prophetess Gloria Taylor-Boyce - Author & Entrepreneur

Prophetess Gloria Taylor-Boyce is the author of the book “Why Are You Here”? Prophetess Taylor-Boyce is a Prophetess and Class Master under the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (POME). Taylor-Boyce, a writer of occupational health and safety material by profession, was driven from within for the manifestation of this work. She resides in Toronto Canada, with her husband, Ralph and son Jason. Gloria Taylor-Boyce in her writings brings simplicity to this question. Comfort of the body has always been our first priority. In this book, nonetheless, ease of mind is the focus that ultimately gives us comfort of the body. Reevaluating ourselves from time to time is an important activity that we need to do. For one thing, we may never know if we do share vibrations or common concepts with one another. More importantly, uncertainty could prevent us from gaining an ease of mind. Learn to reevaluate yourself and gain peace through the comprehensive words of author Gloria Taylor-Boyce with the release of her new book Why Are You Here?: From Chaos To Cohesion.

Prophetess Alice P. Jackson - Educator & Prophetess

Alice P. Jackson- a school teacher in the Hartford Public School system in Hartford, CT for the past 33 years. She holds a B.S. in Special Education, a M.S. in elementary ed., and a 6 yr. degree in Educational Administration. Church affiliation: Zoe Ministries, 103 Riverside Dr. NYC, NY., Prophetess in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah.

Apostle/Prophet Charles Lester - Prophet & Entrepreneur

Prophet Charles Lester has evangelized the southern region of the United States for the past 8 years. He holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from United Graduate College & Seminary in Mt. Home, Tennessee. He founded the Kingdom of God Church International with his wife Dr. Deborah Rochelle Lester. They continue to serve God's people by providing spiritual knowledge, counseling and economic opportunities. He is a Neophyte in POME